Spray-On Bed Liners from Rhino Linings of Sioux City, Iowa

Protect Your Truck with a Spray-On Bed Liner from Rhino Linings of Sioux City!

Whether for work or play, if you actually use them, your truck, Jeep, equipment, and other big kid toys are going to take a lot of abuse. That’s why we recommend installing authentic Rhino Lining products to safeguard your investment. Rhino Linings of Sioux City is the only certified Rhino Linings installer in the Siouxland, and we’re here to help you extend the life of these hardworking machines.

Our technicians are specially trained on Rhino’s advanced 2000 PSI high pressure spraying equipment and installation techniques, which result in a flawless, durable finish every time.

Benefits of Rhino Linings’ Spray-On Bed Liners

Watertight & Airtight

Because a Rhino Lining blocks air and water from entering, your vehicle is safe from corrosion and damage from chemicals like gasoline, oil, grease, and some acids.


Spray-on bed liners are engineered to outlast most truck engines. They are scratch, dent, and ding resistant, are available with a UV topcoat, and will not rust, crack, or warp—in other words, they’ll take a beating!


Not only is Rhino Linings great for lining truck beds, but they can also protect bed rails, tailgates, fender wells, rocker panels, and more!

Increased Value

Rhino Linings not only protect your vehicles, but they also increase their value when it comes time to trade or sell! Buyers recognize the shielding power of a professionally installed and warrantied Rhino spray-on bed liner. There’s a reason we’re the most popular spray-on bed liner in the nation!

Choice of Colors

Rhino Linings are available in black or a custom color option.

Decreases Slippage

Rhino Linings’ textured finish provides a non-skid surface that prevents your cargo from sliding around.

Increases Fire Safety

Our polyurethane surface reduces static electricity, making it safer to carry flammable substances.

Reduces Noise

The polyurethane coating acts as soundproofing insulation, dampening travel/vibration noise.

Your Complete Satisfaction is Our Goal

Rhino Linings of Sioux City is always available to answer your questions or address your concerns. Our entire staff is dedicated to your complete satisfaction; we truly strive to exceed your expectations.

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